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Informal Lessons

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Robby Ameen & El Negro Hernandez

Funky Latin Grooves

OK, OK, I got the left foot going, sort of. (Still needs some more practice!) Now how do I use it in my funky rock band? After you learn the clave, the next logical groove to learn is the cascara... GO to lesson


Frank Colon

How to play Berimbau

Whenever I travel through an airport, I am usually asked one of two questions by airport security:

(1) "Uh, Sir, just what kind of a pipe is that?", or

(2) "I'm sorry but, are you planning on boarding with that bow and arrow?"

What they are referring to is my berimbau, which is most likely slung over my shoulder, as I always take it on board with me! The berimbau is definitely one of my favorite instruments in the world!... GO to lesson

Frank Colon

How to play Berimbau - Part 2

Congratulations on acquiring a new berimbau! This instrument happens to be one of my favorite, as I consider it (along with the cuica drum) to be one of the world's original "acoustic synthesizers"!!!

Here's how you put it together... GO to lesson

Frank Colon

Informal Lesson #3

You wrote and asked ...

"How do you tune a cuica?"

We, of course, went straight to Frank!

Frank responds... As far as tuning the cuica to hit the high notes, well.... yes, there is some tuning involved but once tuned, it's more about the correct precise placement of the fingers on the skin and the amount of squeeze pressure on the stick...

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El Negro Hernandez

Left Foot Clave

What is the Clave? And you want me to do what with my left foot?

The clave (pronounced klavay and referred to in the feminine form) is the key for understanding Afro-Cuban music... It is really the heart of the Afro-Cuban music...
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David Troen-Krasnow

"Floor Cowbell"

I developed these exercises as a way of incorporating my "floor" cowbell. These exercises are written with the ride hand playing straight 8ths, but other rhythms can and should be incorporated. I'd like to think that these exercises might offer some more musical examples than just incorporating double bass rhythms... GO to lesson

a quick refresher on your Cymbal Lingo!

What the heck is pitch?
What does trashy sound like?
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