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Tito Trivia Contest...

Tito Puente's Drumming with the Mambo King - book/cd
by Tito Puente and Jim Payne

from Hudson Music videos

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Bruce bz Dooley, IL

Melissa A. Mathew, TX

Eric Schwartz, MA

Aaron Chio, Mexico

Correct answers in bold...

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1. Where was Tito born?




Harlem, New York

2. Tito is best known for playing what instrument?





3. How did Tito get his name?

named after Michael's brother, Tito Jackson

named after Yugoslav President Josep Broz Tito

named after Italian tenor Tito Schipa

His full name is Ernest Anthony Puente, Jr... and was called "Ernestito" by his family. Later shortened to Tito.

4. In his early bands, Tito set up his timbales next to his drumkit. In 1941, while playing drums and timbale with Machito & His Afro-Cubans, he changed his timbale set-up to what?

Trash Containers

setting them up on the floor and playing them double-bass style

leaving the price tags on, Minnie-Pearl-style

When playing timbales, he played standing up in front of the band.

5. Santana had a big hit with which of Tito's songs?



Kung Fu Fighting

Oye Como Va

6. Tito played a major role in defining what musical style?


Bulgarian Woman's Choir Covers


Cubop - combining the melodic concepts and harmonic changes of jazz w/ latin percussion rhythms

7. In 1955 Tito recorded a drums only (and bass) album called Puente in Percussion. Who played on the album?

Freddy Gruber, Buddy Rich, Papa Jo Jones & Chubby Jackson

Dave Abbruzzese, Chad Smith, Tommy Lee & Jaco Pastorius

El Negro Hernandez, Robby Ameen, Marc Quinones & TM Stevens

Tito Puente, Willie Bobo, Mongo Santa Maria, Carlos Patato Valdes & Bobby Rodriguez

8. Tito had a role in what movie... and what character did he play?

Charlie Allnut in African Queen

Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing

Rudy in Survivors

Tito played himself in The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

Contest rules...

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Entries must be received at DrumsOnTheWeb@aol.com by 12 midnite (EST) May 31, 2001. Only 1 correct entry per address will be accepted.

Winners will be randomly chosen from the correct entries received. Winners will be notified via email and announced in the June, 2001 issue of the DrumsOnTheWeb.com free monthly email newsletter.

4 winners will receive 1 Tito Puente's Drumming with the Mambo King - book/cd by Tito Puente and Jim Payne, to be shipped in June, 2001 by Hudson Music. Customs duties, if applicable to be paid by winner.

Be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential! Your info will not be shared with anyone.

This contest is made possible by the great folks at Hudson Music videos

Thanks to Larry Baeder & Robert Summerfield for contributing some of these oh so wrong answers!