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El Negro Trivia Contest...

Winners of El Negro's video Horacio El Negro Modern Drummer video from Hudson Music videos

1. Diane Jones, Aptos, CA

2. Joey "sticks" Kelich, Freehold, NJ

3. Michael D. Mathew, Commerce, TX

4. Jim Dwyer, Ontario, Canada

5. Gaelyn Larrick, Ashland, OR

Winners of El Negro signature sticks from Regal Tip drumsticks

1. Adam Rugo, St. Louis, MO

2. Jonathan Oliver, New Haven, CT

3. Tommy S. Campbell, Salyersville, KY

4. Paul Maringelli, Long Island City, NY

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Correct answers in bold...

1. Where was El Negro born?

Hershey, PA

Cayenne, French Guiana

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Havana, Cuba

2. The nickname "El Negro" was given to him before he was born and was a sign of affection
for his brother's best friend... What does it mean?

best friend who lives next door

the black

world's greatest drummer

yuckky little brother

3. What school did he attend?

National School of Arts in Havana



National Institute for the Criminally Insane

4. At age 13, El Negro was detained by authorities in Cuba for what?

smuggling mangos

doing a really bad Ricky Ricardo impersonation

playing American rock & roll music / "the music of the enemy"

dressing up as Fidel in drag on Halloween

5. Name the nightclub in Havana that he went to see his teacher, Enrique Pla, play?

Copa Cabana

Johnny's Dream

The Hard Rock


6. While in Cuba, he recorded many albums for a major Cuban studio.
Name the studio and who did he replace at the studio?

Ignacio Berroa at EGREM Studios

Nipper at RCA Studios

Ringo at Apple Studios

the doorman at Studio 54

7. With what band did he first gain international recognition as a drummer?

Gonzalo Rubalcaba and his group Proyecto

Garth Brooks


Marilyn Manson

8. His first tour out of Cuba happened because who got sick and canceled?



Arturo Sandoval


9. When he arrived in New York, the first person he called was Paquito D'Rivera.
The next day, he began recording what album with Paquito?

A Chipmunk Christmas

Forty Years of Cuban Jam Sessions

Paquito's Polka Favorites

Ten Years of Pan Flute Sessions

10. El Negro is best known for doing what with his left foot?


mathematical calculations

corner kicks for the Cuban National Football Team


Bonus Question...

What is El Negro's "real" hair color?

DrumsOnTheWeb.com - Download your favorite music for drummers and percussionists!

red, white, and blue


ummm what hair?

Clairol #13

Contest rules...

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Entries must be received at DrumsOnTheWeb@aol.com by 12 midnite (EST)
January 31, 2001. Only 1 correct entry per address will be accepted.

Winners will be randomly chosen from the correct entries received. Winners will be notified via email and announced in the February, 2001 issue of the DrumsOnTheWeb.com free monthly email newsletter.

5 winners will receive 1 El Negro Modern Drummer video, to be shipped in February, 2001 by Hudson Music. 5 winners will receive 3 pairs of El Negro signature sticks, to be shipped in February, 2001 by Regal Tip / Calato. Prizes will be shipped via US Mail. Customs duties, if applicable to be paid by winner.

Be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential! Your info will not be shared with anyone.

This contest is made possible by the great folks at Hudson Music videos & Regal Tip drumsticks