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Don Brewer Trivia Contest...

Don Brewer
Live at the Modern Drummer Festival 2000

Featuring the Music of Grand Funk Railroad...

autographed by Don!

drummer Don Brewer

from Hudson Music videos

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Congrats to the winners...

Hollie Warren, TX

Michael Watkins, MS

Walter Goldstein, NY

Ramiro Souto, FL

Correct answers in bold...

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not sure of some of the answers? check out Grand Funk Railroad's website...

1. Grand Funk Railroad began in

Flint, MI

Grand Canary Islands

Toronto, Canada

Coney Island, NY

2. The name Grand Funk Railroad comes from

a Michigan landmark, "The Grand Trunk Western Railroad"

the band likes to "get funky" on trains

because the drummer was born on a train going from WA, DC to Kansas City, MO

the name of the train station in the game Monopoly

3. What was the name of Don's first band? (Started at the age of 12)

The Red Devils

Boy Scout Jamboree

The Psychos

The Blue Angels

4. Don became a singing drummer in what local band, before Grand Funk Railroad?

The Jazz Masters, later called The Pack, then Terry Knight and the Pack

The Brew Masters

Wicked Brew

Donny's Delinquents

5. In 1970 Grand Funk Railroad had sold more albums than any other American band, and went on to break the Beatles' record at what venue in 1971 (selling it out in 72 hours).

Shea Stadium

The Avon Bowl

Agoraphobic's Anonymous Monthly Meeting

Grand Central Station

6. In the 1980’s Don performed with what band for two tours, (the second in 1987 being the largest grossing tour of that decade).

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

Spinal Tap

Cheech & Chong

Flock Of Seagulls

7. How many gold and platinum albums does Don have with Grand Funk Railroad?

12 gold and 10 platinum albums

0 gold and 0 platinum albums

1 gold and 278 platinum albums

Wow! They sold that many records?

8. Besides playing drums, Don also writes and sings. What are some of the songs Don sings / plays?

"We’re An American Band", "Shinin’ On", "Walk Like a Man". He is also singing lead on the hit recording "Some Kinda Wonderful".

"We're A Funky Garage Band", "Shine On Harvest Moon", "Walk Like Ya Gotta Load In Your Drawers". He is also singing lead on the hit recording "Some Kinda Loser".

Contest rules...

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Entries must be received at DrumsOnTheWeb@aol.com by 12 midnite (EST) October 31, 2001. Only 1 correct entry per address will be accepted.

Winners will be randomly chosen from the correct entries received. Winners will be notified via email and announced in the November, 2001 issue of the DrumsOnTheWeb.com free monthly email newsletter.

4 winners will receive 1 autographed Don Brewer Live at the Modern Drummer Festival 2000 video, to be shipped in November, 2001 by Hudson Music. Customs duties, if applicable to be paid by winner.

Be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential! Your info will not be shared with anyone.

This contest is made possible by the great folks at Hudson Music videos

* Thanks to Diane & Dylan for the "oh so wrong" answers!