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Spotlight On

Zildjian Trash Hats

by Chuck Silverman

I'm always looking for some exotic, different sounds to help my playing stand out a little. One of my latest discoveries has been the Trash Hats from Zildjian. The pair of cymbals combine an Oriental China Trash with a special Trash Hat top. With my cymbals, I use an inverted 12" China - mounting the smaller 10" cymbal on top, with a hi-hat clutch. I mount this on an x-hat assembly, on the right side of the kit. The sound can be a controlled trashy crash to a wide open really trashy sound. I use a lot of double bass and using this cybal set-up for a ride really gives me some unique sonic possibilities. Also, when I want to ride on a couple (or three or four) different surfaces, the Trash Hats really add some nice qualities.

The cymbals are available as 10"/12", 12"/14", and 14", 16".

Chuck is on his way to Africa... be sure to check back for the photos! Want to find out more about what Chuck has been up to lately? Check out Chuck's website!

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