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Spotlight On

Toca Superlight Tambourine

by Ron Nihoff

Toca Superlight Tambourine

Hi this is Ron Nihoff. I wanted to talk about a recent session I did for ESPN. I used the Toca Superlight Tambourine as a special effect. What I wanted was a downbeat sound with the tambourine (1,2,3,4) and an upbeat sound with my hi hats, with my left foot at the same time, but I did not want it to sound sterile so I wanted to do it in one pass, without overdubs. I strapped the Toca Superlight Tambourine on my left leg and played a heel down movement and the tambourine sounded on the downbeats, then I proceeded to play a heelup movement for the upbeat with the hi hats. I was playing 1+3 on my bass drum. The Toca Superlight Tambourine was so perfect for this movement. It worked like a jet!