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Spotlight On

Cowbell Bass Pedal Mount
from Gibraltar

by El Negro Hernandez

cowbell bass drum pedal mount

This great invention from the '50's gives us drummers and percussionists the chance to have, as opposed to only bass drum and hihat, many different sound sources using our feet. The Gibraltar SC-CBPM is an adjustable floor stand that fits into your bass pedal and allows mounting of just about anything! Now we can have, for example, a wood block or a cowbell on the left foot if we are involved in a latin context. A tambourine can be used if it is a pop situation or maybe a crasher if we only need an effect.

Definitely the best on the market, this bracket is not only the strongest and most durable but the easiest one to place on the left side of your hihat (if you are a right handed drum set player). For me, all the others I have tried are too big or not strong enough to resist all the weight of my leg. I use this mount in all my gigs... from Steve Turre and McCoy Tyner to my 4 piece Funky Blues band in New York City!