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Mozambique! Videos Vol. 1 and 2

by Kim Atkinson

Mozambique is a Carnaval rhythm and dance created by Pello el Afrokan in Havana, Cuba in the early 1960's. Unfortunately, due to cold war politics, accurate information about this original form of the rhythm has remained obscure. Another style which I call New York Mozambique has evolved here in the U.S.

In my videos Mozambique! Vol. 1 and 2, I perform and teach the original form of the rhythm based on my research in Cuba in 1985, when I met and studied with Pello. These videos are extremely thorough and include a booklet with all patterns written in staff notation and Time Unit Box System. During video instruction I count each pattern in both 8th and 16th notes and show how every pattern fits with each other and with Rumba clave, which is played in a split screen window.

The videos have received excellent reviews including 5 out of 5 in April 1998 Modern Drummer, 4.5 out of 5 in Winter 1997 Latin Percussionist, and consistent comments like "one of the best I've seen" and "one of the best on the market". The project is endorsed by well know musician/educators Michael Spiro and Chuck Silverman.

In Volume 1 all patterns are played in 3-2 clave and the focus is on a folkloric approach. I include performances of the original rhythm in different size ensembles as well as my arrangements of Mozambique Bata and Mozambique Songo. In Volume 2 the focus is on how Mozambique is typically played in a band setting. All the patterns are played in 2-3 clave and I cover the New York style as well. The rhythm is played in various size ensembles, we dip into Mozambique in 12/8 (!!!) and perform my arrangement of "California Mozambique".

Pello's Mozambique was the first post-revolutionary Cuban musical creation and one of the starting points for the development of Songo on both the drumset and congas. If you are serious about knowing current styles in Cuban music, and how they influence American music, then check out Mozambique! Vol. 1 and 2.

Instructional Videos: Mozambique! Volume 1 and 2 by Kim Atkinson. 1996, 1998

For Intermediate/Advanced Level Players of Conga, Bass Drums and Cow Bells

Each approximately 60 minutes. HI FI Stereo, includes booklets with history, playing tips and notation.

Kim Atkinson is a multipercussion artist specializing in African, Brazilian and Caribbean percussion and drum set. He lives in the North San Francisco Bay Area where he does freelance percussion work, conducts the Carnaval Spirit Dance Company and teaches several classes a week. He is currently recording a CD of his original arrangements for Brazilian Bateria as well as working on other rhythm education products.