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Matt Chamberlain : drums
Matt Chamberlain
'99 Modern Drummer Fest

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The totally groovy (and funky!) Matt Chamberlain (right) with Aldo Mazza (be sure to check out his upcoming KOSA Percussion Workshop!) & Pam

drummer for Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, G.E. Smith's Saturday Night Live Band, Three Pound Universe, Pearl Jam, Critters Buggin, Wallflowers, Tori Amos... Guest musician on recordings by Kristen Barry, Satchel...

Note - These tracks were recorded backstage at the 1999 Modern Drummer Festival using Pro Tools and my little Mac laptop. We don't go thru the board, so you get the true backstage experience! You'll hear other kits being set-up, or maybe the next artist getting ready, and LOTS of "Wow! Did ya hear that!?!"

So... sit back, take a listen... and start making plans to attend the next festival!