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John Bergamo, Randy Gloss, Austin Wrinkle, Andrew Grueschow
John Bergamo

The Hands On'Semble is a contemporary percussion quartet devoted to the art of hand drumming, led by renowned percussionist / composer / hand drummer; John Bergamo. The group began in the fall of 1997 when it became apparent first, that there was a shared interest in many hand drumming styles from around the world, and second, that these four individuals found a common bond through the use of spoken drum languages. Since the groups inception, they have developed a repertoire of original compositions which blends the rhythmic concepts and playing techniques of North and South India, the Middle East, West Africa, Indonesia, South America, and Western Chamber Music.

In 1998, the Hands On'Semble released their self titled debut CD featuring guest performances by Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri (one of the world's greatest tabla virtuosos), and by Poovalur Srinivasan (master of the south Indian mridangam). It has been called "Masterful..." (Modern Drummer), "An excellent recording for listeners who wish to hear the full spectrum of musical sounds available from hand drums from around the world" (Percussive Notes), "Our favorite new frame drumming CD!" (rhythmweb.com).

The Hands On'Semble has performed at the Percussive Arts Society Int'l Convention, The Seattle Rhythm Festival, Watts Tower Day of the Drum, Different Drummer Festival, and Rhythms of the Earth Festival in Campinas Brazil. They plan to record their second CD later this year.