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Eddie Tuduri : drums
Eddie Tuduri

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Jesus Is Just All Right With Me


Hound Dog


Laudie Laudie Laudie Miss Claudie
(Eddie Tuduri & Mike Shapiro)


(Eddie Tuduri & Debra Dobkin)


Love Love Me Do


Amazing Grace


Something To Talk About
(Eddie Tuduri & Debra Dobkin)


Tears In Heaven
(Vinnie Colaiuta & Debra Dobkin)

Eddie Tuduri : drums (track 1, 3, 4, 5, 7)

James Cruise : drums (track 2)

Vinnie Colaiuta : drums (track 8)

Debra Dobkin : percussion (track 2, 4, 7, 8)

Mike Shapiro : percussion (track 1, 3)

Lorenzo Martinez : percussion (track 5)

Dion Cornejo : congas (track 8)

Trieana Moon : lead vocals, piano

Jerry Watts : bass

Terry Wilson : bass

Joey Evans : bass

Jimmy Haslip : bass

Steve Fister : guitar

Billy Watts : guitar

Chris Pinnick : guitar

Bill Flores : dobro guitar

Jack Lee : strings, background vocals

Russell Ferrante : piano

John Herron : piano, hammond b-3 organ

Dave Sechrist : harmonica

The LAMA Choir : background vocals

Anastasi Gonzales : background vocals

Kevyn Lettau : background vocals

Julie Ragans : background vocals

You can buy this cd on The TRAP site!

This cd is part of Gifted Records

Gifted Records is presented and funded by The Rhythmic Arts Project as a vehicle for  people with developmental and other disabilities to record professional CD's.  Our first project is now completed. A powerful performance by a young lady named Trieana Moon.

Trieana has Williams Syndrome, a random genetic disorder that happens in one in twenty thousand births. It is a developmental disability coupled with  physical deficits as well. Trieana is one of my students at the Ojai Enrichment Center; it was there where I first heard her sing and play. She knocked me out! When I found out she was interested in making a demo recording I  offered to help.

I put this project together with the generous help of some of the world's greatest recording and touring musicians. Vinnie Colauita, Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante and Jerry Watts, Mike Shapiro and Kevyn Lettau, Steve Fister and Chris Pinnick to name a few. The studios where the project was recorded are among the best as were all the technicians involved. (All the credits are provided in the CD package)

It is my intention to provide this service to Williams Syndrome artists as well as to people with any and all types of disability. This is our pilot project and will hopefully, through its labor, afford us the opportunity to help many people in the future. We have a proposal in mind to secure a corporate sponsor that will  permit us to continue this work on a regular basis. All the components are in line, artists and musicians are waiting and the studios are geared up, willing and able.

All the proceeds will go to  enhance programs for various disabilities through The Rhythmic Arts Project.

-- Eddie Tuduri

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